How to Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection

A slow internet connection causes issues whether it is at home or in an office environment. Thankfully, there are ways around this issue that won’t cost too much and are definitely worth exploring. Whether you are trying to watch a movie and the screen keeps buffering, or your remote business meetings are constantly interrupted by a poor connection, the frustration is real! This guide explores how to speed up a slow connection to save yourself some stress and time. 

Try an Ethernet Cable

If you have only been using wireless connections, switching to a plugged-in format might accelerate the network speed. The difference might not make the dramatic impact you’d hoped for, but it is possible to eliminate some of the more low-key annoyances like constant buffering and failure to maintain a remote call. This is because, overall, there are fewer interfering factors in the connection process. Ethernet cables are easy to source and inexpensive and most houses have a practical place to plug them in with the help of extension adapters. 

Go Fiber

If there is fiber internet available in your area, this is the best route to speed up your internet. Not only is it up to eight times faster than average broadband, but it comes in multiple formats depending on what your usage profile demands. While it is not yet universally available, more and more remote areas are gaining access as the modern market catches up with consumer demand, as proven by this Vistancia Internet provider

Move Your Wi-Fi Box

If fiber is not an option yet, or you don’t fancy switching providers until you have exhausted all other options, consider simply moving your wi-fi box closer to where you need to use the internet. If you have a home office, for example, but your hub is at the other end of the house, this is a natural roadblock. Moving the hub into the room may speed up the connection as there is less distance for the connection to have to translate and travel. 

Contact Your Provider

If none of the above options are working out, it could be time to call your provider. Complaining about the lack of quality of a service is your right as the consumer. You are ultimately paying for a service that is failing to deliver what it promised. Most household broadband connections are an essential part of the home in modern times, and it is important that companies take this into account when providing contracts. Lodge an official complaint and ask the provider what their course of action to fix the issue will be. You may get a discount on your bill as compensation, and if enough residents in the same area complain, this is too hard to ignore reputationally! 

So, there are options if you are looking to speed up your internet connection. Regardless of your position, i.e., at home or in the office, staying online is important for a number of reasons. Being connected is a simple part of modern society, and it is natural to feel let down when the service doesn’t deliver.