Free email marketing service, save money and time

If you have little time and little budget for online marketing, using a free email marketing service can be the solution to your problems.

In short, companies, businesses, live or die depending on whether they are profitable or not.

I’m sure that has taken your sleep away more than once, if you have a business that you care about, it would be normal.

The strange thing would be that you did not care about the profitability of your business.

And to achieve profitability, sales are needed.

So we go into a circle, where you need money to do marketing, and make money, but you don’t have money for marketing.

No time either, because you have a business, and the day to day is already quite complicated.

What do we do?

If you use a free email marketing service, you solve these two problems at once

With a free email marketing tool , you save time and money.

In addition to that, of course, you generate much more sales opportunities, and it has to go very badly so that you do not get sales.

From experience I tell you.

Many SMEs and entrepreneurs send their offers to their contacts and clients through their desktop outlook, or their gmail account.

It is natural.

Being a tool that they know, that takes little time from them and that more or less some results gives them, well, what they use.

Surely this case sounds familiar to you.

From this scenario, things can derive:

  • That the volume of emails to send increases, and can no longer be done by these means, as they have volume limitations. This would leave you lying around when you need it most.
  • Due to the errors that can be generated (incorrect emails, bounces, …) your email can be blocked on the servers. And you could not send or internal emails to colleagues, employees, etc.
  • You don’t really know if your emails are opened, if they click on the links. It’s going blind and you really don’t know if the time you spend is worth something
  • You must manually manage unsubscribe requests, errors produced and others. Something that is not always done and that may have more repercussions than it seems.

All this can be solved with an email marketing system.

Keep in mind that they are softwares that have been created to solve these problems, among many others, of sending massive high-volume mailings.

Also providing other clear benefits.

Let’s see, we have two types of business:

  • Those who send emails of notices, notifications, such as those on vacation, and really do not care what happens with those emails.
  • And those who sell by email.

What do you need to use a free email marketing service?

Not much the truth:

  • An email associated with your company’s website domain
  • And a list of contacts to send

Only with those two things you will be able to use most of the email marketing tools , for example ours.

Start selling to your current customers

Attracting new customers online is not as easy as you have sometimes heard or read.

For example, it is very possible that you have seen many courses where they sell you how easy it is to sell on instagram, and how you are going to get hundreds of clients right away.

Then it turns out that it is not so easy.

But they indicate that you must persevere, and invest in more training.

We have been in the online world for many years, more than a decade, we have seen many times how this situation ends.

The money goes from your pockets to those courses, but then it never comes back.

You better start selling to your current contacts and clients
They already trust you, and your product. So the easiest way to get new sales is to use your contact list, and sell to those who have already bought from you in the past.

Then you can attract new potential customers, through the subscription forms , which you can easily create in your account and place on your website.

· What functionalities are you going to find in your free mailing service like Mailrelay?

The essentials to sell by email effectively:

  • A quick way to import your contacts, so it only takes a few minutes.
  • A simple editor, without technical things, compose your message, upload photos, all at the click of a mouse. The messages you prepare will look good on any device.
  • And complete and concise statistics so you know what happens to your shipments

All focused on saving you time, while getting results from your mailings.

Look, email marketing is not a new thing, it’s been a long time, it’s already clear what works and what doesn’t.

Our tool has been developed on a technology that works, simplifying the complex parts and taking advantage of its strengths, that is the foundation.

There is much more yes
As you progress you will see that Mailrelay has many more tools, such as autoresponders, SMTP, A / B tests, segmentation , etc.

My suggestion

► If time is the problem

Do not complicate yourself.

A simple, very simple sales email can get great results, you don’t have to complicate it too much.

In fact, in Mailrelay we have some templates that could help you
These are not the typical templates with stock images, striking but then not much use. We have prepared text templates for you to fill in the gaps. That will save you time.

And in short, as much as you have to spend some time

Isn’t it worth it to increase the sales of your business?

Taking into account that our program of massive sending of emails has been carried out so that you save time and obtain the maximum benefits, I believe that it is worth spending a minimum of time.

► How much can you send free with Mailrelay?

Our tool will allow you to send free mailings with these volumes:

  • Send up to 75,000 emails per month, free
  • Manage up to 15,000 contacts per month

Creating your free account is very easy, you only need your email and name, nothing more:

You can try the mailing service for free, for as long as you want.

You don’t lose anything, the results are within your reach.

· The sale through mass mailing

It remains one of the simplest and most effective methods.

In our blog you will find many resources with which to see how to create your mailings, but the most important resource that you have at your disposal is undoubtedly our free account and keep in mind that most programs to send mass emails do not have of free accounts.

And those that do offer it include advertising in your emails, do not give support or include various limitations.

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