Best CouchTuner Alternatives

After completing a whole day of hard-working, most of the people want to enjoy the time by watching something made for entertainment while taking rest.
That can be a TV show, movie, or something theatre-type.
That’s the reason people purchase Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu subscriptions.
These are all paid. You would have to pay them on a monthly basis to get them.
But, you can also enjoy the same with a free site called CouchTuner.
In CouchTuner, you can watch HBO, Warner Bros, CNN, Cartoon Network, DC Comics, The CW and other movie or TV show streaming channels absolutely free.
Yes, you can enjoy all of them and even more on the CouchTuner for free.
One of the reasons for its free availability is because they do not host any of the contents they show.

Actually, they make an interface to show it form other content providers.
It’s something like embedding videos on a website. They do not have to spend, so they do not take anything from you. And stays free all the time.
They have marked themselves safe from being responsible for the contents they link to form their site. At least they say it on their site.
But, content creators, movie studios, music recorders do not like this kind of apologies or clearances. They won’t hesitate or think twice before getting on any legal actions if its hampering their business too much.
So, it is always as dangerous as torrent sites.
At least, we users should behave like that.

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SolarMovie is a great source of movies.

They have a big collection of movies from all genres and categories. Popular TV shows are also listed here.

The homepage is also so much well-designed so that users can navigate on the site easily, find their desired movie without any problem.

You can rate their movies and TV shows, save the best content to watch later, and also request new movies and TV shows. For that, you would have to register yourself in CouchTuner.

2.Daily TV Fix

The people who are fond of movies and especially TV serials, Daily TV Fix is a complete solution for them.
Daily TV Fix covers a lot of movies and even little-known TV serials in their server.
The search box is very helpful here.
You can search for anything on there, even if you know half the name of the movie or show.
The homepage is listed with newly added movies and shows.
Daily TV Fix lists more than a dozen mirrors for each of the movies and shows.

They also have a forum, where the user’s register, socialize themselves, request for new movies and show.

3.New Episodes

According to its name, New Episodes uploads the most recent videos of the shows that have been aired. The whole process takes only a few hours maximum.
It has shows and movies based on categories, which can be accessed alphabetically, you can also search for yourself to make it quick.
very similar to The Daily Fix, New Episodes also has an active forum.
When you register there, they will recommend you to make yourself so that other members can welcome you.


One of the oldest movies and video streaming sites.
Availability is not a matter here.Because PutLocker has a vast collection of movies, TV shows, and videos as well as a lot of mirrors.
They do not only upload movies from Hollywood, but also from Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, China, France, Hongkong, Korea and some more other countries which makes good movies


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