5 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketers

It hasn’t been that long since LinkedIn transformed from a tiny professional networking site to a big junction where professionals connect. Ever since its inception, marketers are trying to crack the code for B2B success. With a huge network of millions of professionals at one place, there is someway to open the floodgates to leads. Isn’t it?

The conventional LinkedIn marketing advise is not a detailed one: Join à Stay Active à Get Leads. What? Did you get it? How will you get leads?

You might catch up a few falling leads, but in order to win, you have to do your own prospecting. You need to cut through the ocean of job seekers and find qualified individuals for your business. In a recent report by “Levo – An advertising agency in Tulsa”, they discussed briefly about the steps involved in building a successful marketing plan.

Follow this article and explore some of the best ways to leverage LinkedIn as a powerful B2B marketing tool.

Turn your Company’s LinkedIn Page into a Lead Generation Page

Leads will never fall into your lap. You have to work for them. Your company page can act as a pipeline for LinkedIn leads. So, structure it in a way that it leads to a conversion action. The conversion action can correspond to the click-through rate on your website.

Make use of the header image to attract the prospects who are interested to learn more about your company. Promote your most valued products using the header image.

Write a compelling company description. It should mention how much you grew over the years and what are your goals and mission. How many offices you have and from where you operate? Though it’s not a part of the lead generation, it will still attract the audience towards your company website. First two lines in the company description section are the most critical ones as LinkedIn displays them as a blurb.

The last thing you can do is making the recent updates section more clickable and conversion-focused. Link to your images and content you are posting on your LinkedIn page.

The Use of Advanced Search

The advanced search feature of LinkedIn gives you an incredible way to identify the exact type of people you are targeting. Click on the search people icon from LinkedIn header menu and then go to advanced option. You can easily narrow down your search from here.

The most powerful aspect of Advanced People Search is the center column that allows you to filter your search by current company, location, profile language, school and nonprofit interests.

Once you’ve identified your prospects, you can connect with them and after having a connection you can easily reach out to them via messages.

Search Groups

Searching for your prospects via advanced search is a very granular and detailed approach to find leads. Though it’s a great approach, you can also try finding some leads through ‘Groups’. Find a relevant group according to your niche and join it.

It’s a great way to nurture leads through groups. Once you have joined the groups, you must maintain some level of activity in these groups and nurture leads in that way. You can do a group search using relevant keywords and find the desired groups to join.

After you have found the group, ensure that it is relevant and active. LinkedIn ranks the groups based on their activity level. Select groups that are “very active”.

Start LinkedIn Groups

Apart from all this, LinkedIn groups offer a good networking opportunity to people. As you interact with members of other groups, you have an opportunity to create your own group and gain recognition among the industry.

You can go to the “Groups” section and then click on “See all”. One the page that follows, click on “Create a new group”. Enter the relevant information and details of the group in popup form. The group must be kept focused on the user rather than making it promotional.

Utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator

There are times when prospects reach out to you, but most of the times, you have to take an initiative and see what you can dig out. LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets you search and find profiles of your prospective clients to whom you can connect with and do business.

Use the “Advanced Search” feature wisely to find your prospects. Once you have found them, you can utilize Sales navigator to extract their email ids or can interact with them directly through the message without connecting.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is an awesome platform to attract new leads for B2B marketers. It’s also a place where you can establish a professional identity of your organization. It can give you better traction on your marketing efforts if you utilize it tactfully. LinkedIn is a useful platformin digital marketing industry for business minded people.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to attract targeted leads to your website and convert them to grow your business. It can be one of the greatest platforms for any B2B marketer to generate qualified leads.

Author Bio:Deepak Sachdeva is a well renowned Internet Marketer and Digital Consultant at Dilvr. He Loves exploring new online marketing techniques and helping businesses build online brands. He likes writing on topics like Digital Marketing and Education.


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