Welocme to TechHubBlog.com- A Blog where you will can learn about technical trick and tips.

TechHubBlog was born on 1 Jan 2015 as techhub.blogspot.in, however with our journey foreword, I customise my domain address and also started covering every aspect of technology, technical tips, how to guide etc. 

TechHubBlog is a blog on topic like technical tricks and tips, and also include article about life hacks, inventions and  discuss technical facts.

TechHubBlog is managed by Meghshyam Sonar, and also contribute by many guest writer to make this place more useful for others people.  

I completed my undergraduate study and awarded by Bachelor of Engineering Degree in computer science. I’m blogger, developer, and analyser, yes I do all of this. I mostly do Full Stack web development, android development and web analytics. 
Though, I also like working on Search engine optimisation, App Store optimisation. At the moment I am fascinate about data science and on the way to learn it.

In my spare time, I generally write & read answers on Quora Stackoverflow . And experimenting with digital world.

Most of the time i found with my laptop even when sleeping i keeps it close enough to grab a look whenever possible.

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