Top 5 Google Chrome Tricks and Hacks

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Following are the best Five Tricks about Chrome:
  • Relaunch a Closed Tab :  If you closed a tab by mistake, you can quickly open it through the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+T
  • Chrome Experiments : Opening a new tab and hitting chrome://flags opens the Chrome Experiments page, where you can enable few cool features. 

But as Chrome puts it, you may want to be sure of what you are doing.  There were certain things that I tried out first from here, such as Synchronous tabs open on other devices, before they were included by default on the next Chrome update. You can make use of hardware acceleration and GPU rendering, you can find some Frame rate statistics if you are into numbers, some touch screen optimizations, some new UI stuff such as a new Downloads UI.

Some cool ones I like include the one on Mac where you can use the 3 finger swipe gesture to see open tabs. And by enabling Focus existing tab on open, typing a URL of an existing tab into the omnibox results in viewing the already open tab instead of loading a new one.

There are lots and lots of them, with some being specific to certain platforms. Just try them out.

Some interesting experiments I came across:
  • On enabling the "Action box" experiment, the Actions drop-down menu is displayed on clicking the "+" sign at the end of the omnibox - as shown below:

This would replace the default star button to add a bookmark and instead provide options to bookmark, share or send the page to a mobile device.
  • On enabling the "Enable Rich Notifications" experiment, a new notification center is made available. It lists email, chat and other notifications.
  • On enabling the "Show Chrome Apps Launcher" experiment, a shortcut to the Chrome Apps Launcher is created in the Windows TaskBar.
  • On enabling the "Enable Instant Extended API" experiment, a new tab page is enabled
Google Chrome Canary (

You could try out many of the in-development features in advance and can also use it alongside the stable version of Google Chrome. Happy experimenting!

You can create different users on Chrome, which can help you have multiple synced accounts, each having separate bookmarks and settings. One example is to use one for personal stuff and one for your school/work.

You can create new users in Settings:

On windows, you can pin each of them to your TaskBar for quick access.


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