How to Use WhatsApp on PC and Laptops Without Installing Any Apps

Most of the time i have seen, people working or surfing on internet along with that they hold there phone in hand because they don't want to miss message from there group or from there buddies.
But i think it's quite difficult to use both device at the same time, its might irritating.
Today we will see how to avoid it, and how to use WhatsApp messenger on PC or Laptops, yes its possible because whatsapp introduce web-service for us.

Follow following few steps to use WhatApps on your Laptops :

WhatsApp Web Service
Step 1: Visit

You will get following screen.


Step 2: Open your WhatsApp application and tab on web-service.

Following screen shot from BlackBerry.

BlackBerry 10

Then locate your phone bar-code scanner on corresponding web bar-code scanner.

Once you finish scan, your account will automatically open, following screen shot will show you design.

Web Service LogIN

Note: You can enable and disable notification on browser.

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