How to Get 1000 Facebook Likes Free

Have you ever wondered how you can get 1000 Facebook likes ? Today we will see how to get 1000 Facebook likes in only one day.

Earlier post we discus about increasing likes and follower on Facebook and twitter using Addmefast today we will see same thing but in different and efficient way to increase Facebook likes, previous post was about Facebook twitter and more social media, but this post only about Facebook like and follower.

As we know that Addmefast depend on point, in order, in order to increases like or follower you have to earn point first and then you can going further to increase likes, while this post does not depend on point you can increases your likes and follower within only one day.

So, what are the right steps you need to take to grow your Facebook likes ? Well, to guide you in accomplishing this goal, I've created following few steps.

Get 1000 Facebook LIKES FREE

1000 and More FackBook Likes Free
You can increases 1000 likes within only one day, for accomplish this you need to follow following steps.

Step to Follow For Increasing FACEBOOK LIKES

STEP 1 : Visit: Officialliker (Ensure your facebook should be log in with same browser).

Before moving toward second step enable your follower Setting , following screen shot guide you.

LogIN> Setting> Follower > Who Can Follow Me > Everybody
Log in your Facebook, tab on setting, then tab on follower, and make it Everybody.

Facebook Setting

STEP 2: Click on METHOD 1 for allowing token and app to Facebook.

Then following screen will appear click on SKIP.

STEP 3: Click on "Get access token".

STEP 4 : If your token successfully allowed then following screen will appear, copy this whole LINK.(For short-cut use CTRL +A to select and CTRL +C to copy)

STEP 5: Paste this link to HomePage And Click On SUBMIT.

Then robot verification screen will appear, then after successful robot verification token screen will again appear then click on SKIP an then you will successfully log in to site.

Now you can able to increase like, you can see my dashboard in below pic similar screen like below instead on my Facebook name your Facebook name will appear.


STEP 6: Click on Use Official Liker, Following screen will appear.

Status Liker
Set your like limit and then choose your status, photo or feed on which you want to increases your likes.

Example : I want to increases my status, following screen show you result.

Example:I got 300 Likes
Note: For each submission you need to wait for 15 Min.



You done it, now enjoying Facebook and show your friends that you have 1000 like on your profile picture.

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