Schedule Your SMS And Message On Your Phone.

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life and so has changed the way of expressing our thoughts. The generation believes in everything that is readily available and in our case, it is the technology that you need right on your fingertips. It is not just the friend circle conversely the business world too revolves around the social media.

One needs to be productive all the time and on the web productivity is all about right scheduling and time management. This is where Schemes aims to address.

Schemes is an android apps which can help you to schedule your SMS and social media massage, we strongly recommended you to use this application for scheduling your SMS and social massage.

How to Schedule SMS and Social Messages

Scheme is Created by Flozzo, an XDA senior member, Schemes features clear Holo card-based UI. The UI is sleek to support numerous forms of communication and offers settings that other similar apps never bothered to include. The app is Specially created to Schedule SMS and Social Messages.

One can easily schedule SMS, emails, tweets and FB status from any device.What that means is You can Write your message any time and schedule it for the time to send to any person you want. For eg: you need to send a Happy birthday message to your friend at 12, but you know you wont have access to internet at that time or you are busy because of  xyz reason, you Can Schedule your message , the rest will be done.

All you do is Create a message by tapping on Message icon, This takes you to the Compose Screen where you can type your Message to be Sent, Select Recipient and date & time.

Setting date and time is quite easy and the messages can be scheduled on up to four networks simultaneously. You receive a notification when the message is sent where you can easily edit or cancel the messages and there is lot more to it.To Schedule posts on Social media, you need to Connect your account with Scheme.

The application offers you unlimited possibilities for the social media freaks. Your future messages stay secure in a thread like manner and Schemes will never post. So go Schedule SMS and Social Messages with this automated communication system and let the world know of what you are up to.


- Send scheduled SMS, Facebook statuses, Tweets or Emails from your device!
- Clean Material Design UI
- Notifications on sending
- All messages are added to their respective threads in the Messaging app
- Cancelable, editable messages
- And more!


* Messages - used for SMS contact suggestions
* Vibrate - used by the date/time pickers
* Reading contacts - used to store the messages in their respective threads
* Your accounts - for Gmail


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