Log On Your FaceBook Account Using Your FaceBook ID (instead of your mail ID)

Most of the time we are aware of technology that made by community, don't worry we are here to make you familiar with such tricks and technology.

Do you know that, you have two different way to log in your facebook account.

1. By using your mail Id.

2. Using your facebook Id.

We recommended you to use facebook ID instead of your mail ID.
You will feel wonder when you will log in your facebook using facebook ID account instead of that typical mail address.

What is facebook ID ?

Facebook ID is an unique id provided by facebook, which is unique for each and every account.

Where to find facebook ID?

As we seen facebook id is an unique id which is different for every account, you can find your facebook id various type basic way to find your facebook id is to check your address bar at the top of web browser.

https://www.facebook.com/techhubblog  here in this example techhubblog is my unique id for my facebook account by using this account i can log in my facebook account as techhubblog@facebook.com and in the password field i have to enter my password.

Coustomize  your facebook ID.

Yes, you can manage your facebook ID manually, when you create any facebook account or any page on facebook, facebook assign you an unique id which help them to differentiate you  with other, as you create facebook account facebook provide id automatically by using your name and surname.

If you are interesting in to making your own ID on facebook then it is possible to make your own ID on facebook ..\

Let's get start.

1. Log on your facebook acoount.

2. Click on setting.

3. Select first general setting.

4. Change your username(www.facebook.com\techhubblog) Is your ID.

5. You Done it.

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