How to Post Audio Comments on Facebook Status Update.

Today, we are going to see how to post audio comment to updated status or photos or we can also post audio comment on fan page.

Imagine that you comment audio comment on anygirls/boy you love, and then he/she open there application for news feed and then they suddenly here your voice on there updated post or here any song that sung by us, it's very effective impression on her/his.

Audio Comment on FaceBook

Well facebook introduces the audio messaging option on iOS and Android earlier but till now there is not easy way to record audio comments and share with everyone in any status update. Well today I found an interesting chrome extension that allows you to record audio messages and comment them on any status update. Well the best part about this is if anyone has installed the extension then he or she will see a player embedded right inside that comment then he can play the audio right there.

But in case the person is not having the extension installed then again he can click on the link posted and then play the audio note. So lets see how exactly you can install the extension and post audio comments on facebook.

Record & Post Audio Comments, ON Facebook.

  • Install "Talk and Comment" Extension on Chrome, right here.

Google Chrom Screen Shot

  • Once installation complete click on the small MIC icon you see in the status bar.
  • Now it will ask you for permission's then press Allow, and make it permit.
  • Once we permit, log on to facebook, and go where you want to comment either he/she.
  • Now you will see the small MIC icon simply press and hold to record your comment.
  • Record your comment and release to upload the audio note, as in the whatsapp.
  • Now after uploading is done you will see a link to the uploaded comment.
  • Just press enter the post the comment, now your link will transform into a player, just click the play button and listen to your audio note.
So guys now enjoy posting audio comments and impressing your friends, well if you would like to show player to everyone do share this extension with your friends and ask them to install the extension. 

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