How Much Does The GRE Cost ?

Fee for the GRE- Revised General Test

The fee for GRE - General Test is : US $185 (INR 11,600/- approx.)

To change the date of your test or to reschedule your test, the fee is : US $50 (INR 3100/- approx.)

To change the test center or test venue on the same date, the fee is : US $50 (INR 3100/- approx.)

To register for GRE, you will need your own 'My GRE Account' through .

The payments are to done online by means of a credit/debit card (preferably VISA or MASTERCARD) 


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  1. If I am to go in for any of these, I will always recommend IntenseDebate as it doesn't necessarily come along with registration before one can comment

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  5. Another interesting thing about the GRE. Most colleges don't care! When I called one of my prosepective graduate schools they said that the GRE is usually the last thing they look at when deciding whether or not to accept you

    GRE Reading Comprehension

    1. Thank you very much, sorry for late reply, i glad for commenting, don't worry i have all ideas about GRE because i also preparing for it, if you have any queries feel free to contact me at:

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