Best Video Player For Android.

As android popularity increases day by day, user also increases there for developer made there best application for making there applications best.

Here are the TOP FIVE video players for Android based on GUI design, file support and functionality.


From us we gives 1 rank to mobo player, moboplayer contain lots of different feature which could not  found in other application

MoBoPlayer is an extremely popular premium video player that will scan your device and associated drives and cards, fishing out all video files for you. You can categorize the videos in folders and it will play virtually any video file. The player even supports subtitles and has a fantastic feature where you can virtually float out of the video player to your home screen to check a message. An attractive interface completes the reason this app is a top five video player for Android


VLC media player is an open source cross-platform multimedia player that will play most multimedia files. Fans of VLC on their PCs will be accustomed to the software’s ability to play video files when all else seems to have failed. VideoLAN is the company behind the software and now they have tried their hand at an Android app. While still in a late Beta testing mode, this app is already attracting overwhelmingly positive reviews despite some concerns over lag issues.  Those not risk averse might be well versed to try it out.
When this app is finalized it could blow away the competition in the file support stakes.

#3 VPlayer

VPlayer is a simple video player app that does the basic things well. It has good file support and it will detect video files on your handset. The app’s interface isn’t especially sleek, but the app makes up for it with functionality.

VPlayer plays video in high quality and if you take a break the app will always startup where you last left it. You can also copy and paste YouTube or video links into the app to save and play at a later time. The app isn’t free but you are given 7 days trial before paying a few 
dollars for an unrestricted version.

#4 WonderShare

Wondershare is a good all-round video player with the added functionality of an internal browser that will let you search all the video sites online. An excellent app for those doing video research, you can also bookmark video’s to view at a later date. As with VPlayer this app can store YouTube or video links to watch later. The app can also stream video to a nearby compatible TV. Wondershare supports most video file formats.

#5 Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player is one of the best-known video player apps on the Android market and for good reason – it is  well-designed and well laid out. This app automatically fetches file information like movie posters, which give your videos a video store shelf appearance. Tag videos in your library for easy referencing or search through directories. Flipping the app into landscape mode also helps with searches. The app is free in an ad-supported version, though the ads effect the app’s functionality slightly. If the ads get to annoying you can purchase the full version for under $5.

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