How to Monitor Phone Remotely from Anywhere

Hello everyone this post is very interesting for everyone, this post about android spy!

You can use or you can monitor any one of phone by using your phone, Yes you can monitor your girlfriend phone by using this application.
you can access all phone contact, images, whatsapp massage and whatever you want, just by installing our application.
You can download this app freely for 30 day after 30 day's, yo have to donate some money for inspiring us for making such application.

Monitor Phone Remotely

Remote Viewing. View logs anytime.

Logging Access Anytime, Anywhere

To your monitored Android device, from any location via your personal, secure website address given to you after you purchase! Your activity logs are password protected and updated in real-time for constant review. 

Real-time Activity and Photo Viewing

As Realtime-Spy's name implies, it can show you what users do in real-time at the exact instant they perform an action - from apps being opened and closed, to photos taken, and website visits. Realtime-Spy can also display what users are texting in real-time, and who they are calling.

Monitoring. logs everything users do.

Text/SMS Messages Sent and Received

Realtime-Spy will record all text messages sent and received from your device. All text message logs include the contents of the messages sent and received, along with sender/recipient, and time of  message.

Application Usage

Monitor and log all applications ran by users. Realtime-Spy logs when each application was started, stopped, and how long it was actually used, giving you an exact picture of how users are spending their time on your mobile device.

Voice Calls

Realtime-Spy will show you who users are calling and receiving calls from on your Android device.


For using this app this you have to install your app on victim mobile as any mobile which you want to monitor.
The monitor phone should not contain any antivirus.

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