How to Control Laptops Through Smart Phone

" Conrtol everything ! "

Today we are going to see that "How to use laptops using smartphone".
Yes, this post teach you how to use laptops through mobile phone, you can play a song, can change a song just by using your mobile phone, by using this application you don't have a need to punches a wireless mouse, you can use your as mouse for using your laptops and best part of this application is the it's free to download and uses.

For this we recommended you the best app ever for using laptops remotely through smart phone is the "AIO Remote"

What is AIO Remote !

AIO Remote stands for All In One Remote, With All In One remote, you can control any application ever by creating your own fully customized custom remotes. You can use your Android/Blackberry phone/tablet. Windows, Linux and Mac are supported.
For using this application you need to install for both laptops and your smart phone.

About Feature

  1. Control PC and laptops (WiFi Or Bluetooth Needs)
  2. Linux, windows and mac supported.
  3. Remote file manager.
  4. Remote mouse control.
  5. Control common application(Windows media player, VLC)
  6. Game controller with sensor supported
  7. All language supported.



Download mobile app. 

Download Desktop server app.

   Blackberry 10

   Download mobile app.

  Download Desktop server app.

Note : Desktop server application require Java, install java before use.

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