Best 5 Application of Android

The Best Free and Paid Android Apps !

Hello dear reader we are collecting here 10 best application of android in 2014, i hope you will definitely loves this all application.

The following apps are a mixture of paid and free ones and have been chosen by our Android experts. So, even if you do dip into actual cash for one of these apps, you are safe in the knowledge that it is a worthwhile purchase

1. Android Device Manager   

[Price: Free]

Android Device Manager is a very simple app with a great premise. It essentially tracks down your lost or stolen phone. Once installed you log into the website and from there you can see your device’s location, wipe it remotely, reset your device’s lock screen PIN, and make your phone ring so you can find it. It’s highly recommended that you only use this app with a lock screen PIN so those with malicious intent cannot log into the website under your name and wipe your device. Of course, if you’d like to use a service that’s outside of Google’s purview, there’s also Where’s My Droid

Android Device Manager

2. CamScanner

[Price: Free]
Cam Scan is a nifty app that allows your phone to act as a scanner. You can scan virtually any kind of document into it and then make a myriad of changes to it. You can add watermarks, fill out forms, and even fax the document (for a nominal fee). This is a great tool to have laying around. It’s not an every day app but when you need this app, it’ll be there to help out. It even comes with built in optimizations to make your documents legible and sharp when scanned in

Cam Scanner

[Price: Free
If you’re in need of a free antivirus application on Android then look no further than CM Security. It is totally free to use, comes with plenty of modern features, and it’s quite effective. It has a 4.7 rating in the Google Play Store and that’s even considering that most people don’t need antivirus. Anyone who wants to be a little extra cautious would do well to pick up an antivirus app and this is the best free one out there. If you want to see more antivirus options,check out our best antivirus apps for Android.

CM Security

4. Dropbox

 [Price: Free]

One of the world’s most ubiquitous cloud storage services is Dropbox. Practically everyone has heard of it. It’s free to sign up (and you get 2GB of space to start with) and the app is free to use too. It’s a great way to backup things like your photos and videos as you can set the app to auto-upload them once you take them. More advanced users can set their Titanium Backup or Helium backups to go there and you can even share files (in small numbers). There are a number of devices that have Dropbox as a stock app and there are promotions all the time to get you more storage. It’s one of the best free Android apps and everyone should have it 


[Price: Free]
Like Dropbox, Google Drive is an excellent solution for those who want some cloud storage. Also like Dropbox, you can pay to get more storage but you do get 15GB to start with. You can store your backups, photos, videos, and pretty much any other file you can think of. Google Drive also has the added benefit of having a small assortment of office-style applications like a word editor and a spreadsheet editor. The only downside is that you have to go download those office apps separately but they are also free Android apps. You can also work on documents with other people in real time. It has a lot of unique features and it's worth having.
Google Drive


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