Download and Use Remote KeyLogger : Complete Guide

Keylogger is a best way for use anyone of computer system remotely, by using remote keylogger you can see any changes from victim.

Keylogger are the best to spy upon anyone but many beginners find problem in using remote keyloggers . So in this post , I will be showing you the same. Remote keyloggers are very easy to use in comparison to trojans where the concepts like IP addresses, port forwarding are involved.  I highly recommend you to read the basics of keyloggers here

What activities can record remote keylogger? 

  • Keystrokes. Every key typed on keyboard will be recorded into secure report.

  • Internet activity. The titles and addressed of all visited websites will be captured as well.

  • Running applications. When user runs some program, its name and path are catched.

  • Visual monitoring. The software is able to capture screen every few minutes (you can adjust the interval).

  • Clipboard text. When the user copies some text, our program will surely record it.

 What about the Invisibility of this software? 

Of course, this kind of software must be secure and undetectable! That's why we offer several security options for you:

  • You can set the password for Free Keylogger. So if you will try to open the program, you will be asked for a password.
  • The special hotkey is used to switch Invisible mode. When Covert mode is active, the keylogger is fully invisible. So in order to show it, you have to press the special key combination, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G . Then you will have to enter your password to access the program.

  • You can hide keylogger in the Add/Remove Software List of Windows. As well as in the Start Menu.
Note: Download the below best Keylogger before reading the procedure below.

How To Spy :

Before downloading this software, please disable your antivirus to avoid false alerts. After installation, you can simply add Free Keylogger Remote to the exceptions list, and then re-enable your anti-virus.

The main program window is available from the tray icon:

Screen Shot 1
Simply call the context menu (click at that icon with the right button of your mouse), and select the "Open" item. 

Interface :

You will see the large main window with the toolbar, the pages "Keystrokes", "Clipboard", "Web surfing", "Applications" and "Screenshots". This is where you will read your spy reports. Simply go to desired tab, for example, "Web surfing", and click  refresh button to update the data for the current dat. You can choose any date in the Calendar combo, which is located under the toolbar:

Screen Shot 2

Choose desired date, and you will see the updated recordings in the tabs. You can delete the reports for the current day - click the Delete -> For picked date; or you can remove all reports - choose Delete -> For all time. 

Screen Shot 3

 On the toolbar you can see the following buttons:

Use these buttons if you want to pause monitoring.

  This is a very important button. All configurations are available there:

Screen Shot

Settings :

General Settings. Enable "Autostart with Windows" if you would like to monitor computer every day, without your presence. The keylogger will be launched every day automatically with the Windows startup. 

The second options if important too. Once enabled, Free Keylogger will hide its icon automatically on startup. So other users of computer will not uncover the keylogger. 

But if keylogger is invisible, how can you get it back? You will have to press the secret key combination (hotkey). Please open the Invisibility tab in the Settings. You will see the default hotkey.

You can change it any time. Just set the cursor on the text field, and press desired combination on your keyboard. 

The second text field is your password. It is blank by default, but if you enter your password there, you can protect keylogger in this way. Every time you will press the hotkey to unhide keylogger, you will be prompted to enter the password. Otherwise you will not get access to Remote Keylogger. 

"Hide in start menu" and "Hide in Uninstall list" options allows you to make Free Keylogger invisible in the Windows Start Manu, and in the Add/Remove Programs List.

"Email delivery" is the next tab on the Settings window. One this optin turned on, you can receive spy reports directly to your email box. This means you can spy remotely, without daily access to computer where keylogger is running. Enable this option, type your email, and ... that's all. You are ready to spy like a pro. Remotely.

Of couse, if you want to use your own email box for sending the reports (by default program uses our server), you can disable the "Use default SMTP to send emails". Then enter your data into the field below. So make sure you have enabled all monitoring tools on the first tab (all options except of Keylogging are disabled by default). Then click "OK" button. 

Now you can either click the Hide Program button on toolbar, either simply close the window. You will see a dialog confirming that keylogger is hidden, but the monitoring will continue.

Remote Reporting :

If you have enabled the Email Delivery option, and entered correct email, please make sure you have added Free Keylogger Remote to the exceptions of the Firewall. Otherwise it may blocks keylogger, so you will not receive your reports.

The free keylogger always sends the reports for the previous day. For example, you will receive email on Saturday with the reports for Friday. Why? The keylogger simply don't know when the user plans to shut down his computer, so the reports for the current day may be incomplete. That's why it always sends the reports on startup, for the previous date of monitoring. 

You will receive reports from the (if you didn't used your own smtp). Please make sure your antispam filters don't block this email. The reports will be attached to email as a single file with the ".dat" extention. But in fact, this is a compressed ".zip" file. The keylogger renames it to .dat because many antispam filters block emails with the .zip attachements. 

Please save attachement somewhere on your computer, then rename ".dat" to ".zip". Then unpack the file. If you used a password option in the settings of remote keylogger, you will be asked for this password. Actually we recommend to use the password in the Settings, because this will guarantee the safety and security of the reports. 

After the reports are unpacked, you will see the several folders with the text files inside. You can read these files with your favorite text editor, for example, with Notepad. 

Please note that the screenshots are not included because they always have too big size for delivery through email. 

Uninstall Keylogger :

How to remove our software from the system? You can click the UNISTALL button at the toolbar, or select the corresponding item from the tray menu. The third way is to disable the "Hide in Uninstall List" option in the settings. Then uninstall through the standard Windows Uninstall List. The last method is the simple removal of Free Keylogger Remote' installation folder. 

Download Keylogger :

Program Specifications: 

- File size: 0.9 Mb.
- Version: 2.0
- License: Freeware
- Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8;
- Supported x32 and x64 systems 

Recommended Hardware: 

- Pentium 4 or newer processor 
- 512MB of RAM
- Hard disk space: 100 MB. 

This post wrote and sponsored by SpyRemotely.


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