How to Protect Folder With Password Without Software

Here basic trick to make folder password without using any software in windows operating system.
If you are windows7 user and if you  want to protect your data using BitLocker then i suggest you see my below post for complete guide.

Well here is a way to do that. In this section I will show you how to make a password protected folder in Windows XP, Vista without using any additional software. Following is the step by step procedure to create a password protected folder.

Protect Folder Without Any Software
STEP-1: Create a new folder (Right-click -> New -> Folder) and give it any name of your choice. For instance you name it as MSS.

STEP-2:  Now place all the important files, documents or any other folder in this folder that you want to password protect.

STEP-3: Now Right-click on this folder (MSS) and select the option Send To -> Compressed (zipped) Folder.

STEP-4: Now a new compressed zipped folder gets created next to folder (MSS) with the same name.

STEP-5: Double-click on this compressed zipped folder and you should see your original folder (MSS) there.

STEP-6: Now go to the File menu and select the option Add a password. ie: File -> Add a password

You will get small pop up window here. You can set your desired password. Once the password is set, It will ask for the password every time it is opened. Thus you have now created the password protected folder.

I hope you understand making password to folder without any software. If you still have any question/query then let me know about them through comment.

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